Multicolor Koru Spirals Ear Climber in Anodized Pure Niobium



This colorful Koru Spiral ear climber is such a joy to have and wear!  The lovely koru spirals symbolize new life and new beginning.  The brilliant colors add to the festive style for any celebration.  The continuous form of spiral loops rise up along the ear, the up-post hugs the ear lope with ease and total comfort; no extra stubs, nothing dangling!

To wear a ear climber, thread it sideways with the back post all the way through your ear pierce, then rotate to have it sit upright and fit snuggly along the curve of your ear.  The niobium wire provides slight tension to hold the ear climber in place.

  • The unique design of ear climber is versatile for wearing on just one ear, left, or right, or both;
  • Please note that the price listed is for one (1) piece of ear climber;
  • Each piece is individually hand formed and anodized into a rainbow of gorgeous colors;
  • Made with pure niobium, the super friendly metal even for those with skin sensitivity; learn more about noibium in my blog post.
  • Due to the handmade nature, slight variations in size and colors are expected; no two ear climbers are exactly alike.  If you wish to see a photo of the exact piece that you purchased prior to shipping, please include a note with your order, and I will email you a picture of your ear climber for reference.

Materials: Pure niobium

Size: 3/4" long, 3/5" wide; the ear post is 20 AWG gauge (0.8 mm) thick, 3/4" long