Vertebrae Chainmaille Finger Ring

Vertebrae chainmaille finger ring is a uniquely modern, architectural style chainmaille finger ring, woven with individual jump rings of square stainless steel wire and round jewelry brass wire, creating a soft contrast between squares and circles, coolness and warmth, masculinity and femininity.  Thanks to the nature of chainmaille, this ring has the presence of a substantial ring without the bulk or weight of traditional rings of similar size.
Hold this ring in your hand, you will see the square profile of the stainless steel rings catches light reflections at all angles, giving the ring extra pops of sparkles.  Wear this ring on your finger, and feel the highly textured, scale-like pattern with your fingers; finally, fidgeting with a finger ring can be totally fun!!

Primary Material: Stainless Steel, Jewelry Brass
Size: Fits ring size 7 1/2; shank is 5/32" thick