Multicolor Golden Harvest Earrings with Captive Crystals and Color Shift Beads


Festive, multicolor, long dangle earrings, with jewel tone Swarovski crystals captured inside brightly golden chambers, leading to the focal beads that shift colors from orchid purple under daylight to baby blue in artificial light.
Measuring 2 1/4 inches long, each weights just 0.15 oz, the earrings are woven with jewelry brass jumprings in the chainmaille pattern of 2x2 Captive. All encased beads are genuine Swarovski crystals, in rich purple, bright green, and royal blue, each delicately floating in its "box" without being tied or strung together.
The ear wires are handmade from pure Niobium wire, anodized to an antique gold color specially to match these earrings' primary gold tone.  Niobium is hypoallergenic; when used for ear wire material, it is super friendly even for the most sensitive skins.  Learn more about Niobium in my blog post About Niobium.
These earrings are the perfect accessories for all your cool season's celebrations. Together with the Golden Harvest Y Necklace, they make for the most stunning pair in any occasion!
Materials: Jewelry brass, niobium, Swarovski Elements crystals, glass beads
Size: 2 1/4" overall length, 3/8" wide; each weights 0.15 oz

Not familiar with jewelry brass?  Learn more about it in my blog entry About Jewelry Brass.