About Copper

The copper used in all my jewelry is pure copper.  It has a warm tone and a nice weight for a substantial feel in your hands. It is also a solid metal, so no worries of material wearing off over the time.

About Jewelry Brass

Jewelry brass is a copper alloy of copper and zinc.  It is also known as red brass.  It has a warm golden color very similar to yellow gold.  Jewelry brass is a solid metal, so no worries of any plating coming off.

About Niobium

Niobium is a natural material, element number 41 on the periodic table, weighs just slightly less than sterling silver. The color of unanodized niobium is a warm gray, very similar but just a shade darker than surgical steel.

When anodized, a layer of "skin" forms on the metal surface. Depending on the thickness of the layer, it exhibits the interference colors of the spectrum: