My Pet Dragon Key Fob


Cute AND ferocious!  The perfect little dragon to come along with wherever you go!
This is an intricately sculpted chainmaille creation using all saw-cut stainless steel jump rings for a solidly lean yet flexible body, featuring big eyes, adorable paws, sharp shoulder cape, and hoops earrings. In its jaws is a big split ring, so your pet dragon is ready to safe keep your keys, guard your bags, or just sitting pretty to keep you company.
Like all good dragons, it can also curl up in your hand for a nap after a long day of running around!

***** This is a Made-to-Order item *****
  • Construction of your new dragon starts after payment is received in full.
  • Please allow ~ 3 weeks of total elapse time for each new dragon.
  • By default, the dragon scales will be in bright aluminum.
  • For anodized aluminum scales, I only use scales that are fully anodized, i.e. including the edges.
  • For some of the past dragon creations, please visit my Pet Dragon gallery.
  • For scale colors/patterns or any questions, please contact me before placing order.  Thank you!

Materials: Stainless steel for excellent strength and durability, Bright aluminum or anodized aluminum for scales on dragon top
Size: The dragon is approximately 7 1/2 inches long, including split ring, weighs about 2 oz.; main body is ~ 1/2 inch wide, with the shoulder cape spread out at 1 1/2 inches wide.

!!  A word of caution when ordering this item with colorful anodized aluminum scales !!
The colors on anodized aluminum are durable but not indestructible. This is because the colors are only on the surface of the metal, so they could be scratched off from rough or excessive handling (as many key chains may be). They may also fade over the time if exposed to prolong direct sunlight. If you anticipate these conditions, I recommend staying with solid metals, such copper, bronze, or bright aluminum.