Rainbow Fish Earrings in Multi Color Anodized Niobium

A pair of whimsical and highly stylized fish earrings in colorful rainbow anodized niobium, with shimmering reflection of light cleanly outlining the adorable fish shape.  Each earring is topped with a sparkly Swarovski crystal echoing the blue green shades, so crisp and clear, one can almost hear the bubbling sound of water swishing by your ears!
I create these fish shape earrings with thick gauge of pure niobium wire using only hand tools; each fish motif is made individually, formed and forged to achieve the organic look; no two are exactly alike.
Full length of the earrings from the tip of the ear wire to the fish tail end is 1 1/2 inches, with the fish body at just under 1/2 inch wide. The fish motif is made with pure hypoallergenic niobium wire, the super friendly metal for sensitive skin.  The ear wires are surgical steel.
Materials: Anodized niobium, Swarovski crystals
Size: 1.5" long, <0.5" wide