Rudolf's PawPrints Earrings in Christmas Red Green with Swarovski Dangles

Festive red and green PawPrints earrings are the perfect pops of colors for the holidays!  These are the colorful cousins of the original PawPrints, all original designs of © DaisyKreates.  
  • Red green pawprints earrings, whimsical and festive, perfect for Christmas;
  • Not a red nose, but still these Rudolf's PawPrints earrings are adorned with shiny Swarovski crystals;
  • Each of the earrings are in mirror image of each other; wear them as the way you like them;
  • Perfectly light weight, these earrings are made with anodized aluminum rings that require little to no maintenance;
  • Additional color combinations available; be sure to look thru my PawPrints Collection; or drop me note if you want your own unique color choices; I'll be happy to help you find them.
Materials: Anodized aluminum, bright aluminum, Swarovski cyrstals, steel ear wires
Size: 1" across, 1 1/2" long from top of ear wire to bottom of bead dangle