Annie's Petite Paw Prints Bracelet in Mixed Metals with Heart Clasp


A very special dainty Paw Prints bracelet, made in the memory of a most beloved feline companion, Annie.  The bracelet is a new incarnation of my original Paw Prints Chainmaille Bracelet, made with all solid metals of bronze, jewelry brass, and stainless steel.

Each petite paw print measures 5/8" wide, hand woven with some of the smallest metal jump rings without compromising on the final strength of the bracelet.  The closure for the bracelet features a lovely 3-D heart shape toggle ring for easy on/off.

Several lengths of the bracelet are available, with about 1/2" increment in bracelet length. Thanks to all the solid metals used for this bracelet, the bracelet comes in about 1.3 oz in weight that drapes confidently on the wrist.

Materials: Stainless steel, jewelry brass (aka. red brass), bronze

Bracelet Size: 5/8" wide; several lengths available to select from.