Hexagonal Celtic Rose Chainmaille Bracelet

An opulent and lacy bracelet, made in the chainmaille weave Celtic Rose Sheet Hexagonal Tessellation, beautifully executed in tri-metals, with a soft golden hue, and a rich texture that is uniquely of this weave. As a derivation from the original weave, this Celtic Rose hex sheet bracelet takes on a more linear form, with a bit of the zigzagging, "Stepping Stone" effect. I double the ring counts at each "rose petal" to highlight the circular pattern, adding strength to solidify the connections.  To give the entire bracelet an almost seamless closure, I use the negative space in the last "Rose" unit to be the catch ring of the toggle bar. Lay this beautiful soft cuff around your wrist, very lacy, very Victorian!!
The bracelet measures at 1 1/2 inches maximum width, 7 inches long at clasp point. Thanks to the brass and bronze rings, the bracelet has a nice, solid weight at just under 2 oz, offers a smooth drape and comfortable wear.

Primary Material: Bronze, jewelry brass, bright aluminum
Size: 7" long at clasp point, 1 1/2" max width