Copper Chainmaille Persephone Square Pendant on 32-Inch Long Necklace


This beautiful, flowery copper chainmaille pendant is handwoven in the lovely Persephone weave into a diamond shaped pendant.  The featured S-hook bail is also handmade in copper that allows the extra long necklace to be worn in a shorter, double-strand style.  Detail specs include:
  • ​Both the Persephone Square pendant and the S-hook are handmade in pure copper
  • The pendant measures 1 1/2 inches across, weighs 0.83 oz, just the right size and weight for a nice drape
  • The tightly woven pendant is sturdy without slacks, highly textured with intricate structure
  • Wear the necklace in a 32-inch long elegant style, or double up with the S-hook as a stop for a neat and shorter look at 16 inches
  • Copper is a solid metal with a natural patina that can be easily removed with lemon juice or household white vinegar
  • The anodized aluminum curb chain is light weight and smooth, comfortable on the skin, with no maintenance needed.
Materials: Niobium, stainless steel, rubber cord
Size: Pendant is 1 1/2" across, 1/2" thick; neck chain is 32" long