Multicolor Chainmaille Temari Pendant on 24-inch Black Rubber Cord Necklace


Chainamille Temari Necklace features a delightful multi-color pendant on a smooth rubber cord.  The pendant follows the chainmaille Japanese dodecahedron pattern, made in colorful jump rings as the base, with an aqua color glass marble in the center for a stable sphere that stays in shape even when tossed around, a solid construction with all materials perfectly fitting together!  The innocent geometry on the surface of the pendant, along with colorful triangles, are reminiscent of the intricate temari balls that are part of the Japanese folk arts.
  • The Temari pendant measures slightly over 1 inch in diameter, comes on a 2 mm thick, 24 inches long black rubber cord.
  • Two color ways are available: Multi Color Stacks and Blue Hydrangea Mix
This beautiful necklace makes for a perfect gift for the princess in your life, or that forever child in you.

Primary Material: Anodized and Bright Aluminum, Glass Marble, Rubber Cord
Size: Pendant: 1" diameter; rubber cord: 24"