Ghenghiz Cohen Bracelet kit


Make your own Ghenghiz Cohen chainmaille bracelet!  Customize it with your choice of metal types, colors, and clasp style!  The options offer for this kit include the choice of large/outer rings, small/inner rings, and clasps.  Enough rings are provided in the kit to make a bracelet up to 8 inches long, with some extra free rings to spare.
Two styles of bracelet closure are also offered: choose between a heart shape S hook, or a toggle bar; both of my original designs, hand forged with bright aluminum or jewelry brass.
The beautiful anodized aluminum rings are all fully anodized, including the ends.  See picture #3 for the color choices.  Be sure to always use pliers with flat, smooth jaw surface so as not to mar the colors and rings.
Thinking about some other metal/color combinations?  Please contact me and I'll be happy to help with a personalized kit for you.

This chainmaille bracelet kit is for making a Ghenghiz Cohen bracelet such as the samples shown in the pictures.  This listing is for the kit only; tutorial is not included; to purchase the tutorial for making a Ghenghiz Cohen chainmaille bracelet, please visit this listing:

Want a ready-made Gheghiz Cohen bracelet?  Please visit this listing: