Ghenghiz Cohen Chainmaille Bracelet

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Ghenghiz Cohen chainmaille bracelet is a perfert combination of rhythm and fluidity, from the pairing of big and small rings, interlocking one another, forming concentric links that are soothing to the touch, hypnotizing to the eyes.

The mesmerizing pattern is defined by thick gauge rings in metals of contrasting colors, such as jewelry brass and bright aluminum, paying homage to the classic silver and gold tones.

  • 2 colorways are available: choose from the classic silver and golden colors, or a blend of rainbow colors in the center surrounded by mixed metals.

  • Bracelet closure features a hand forged, DaisyKreate's original design of the Heart shape S Hook.

  • Standard length is 8", but can be customized up or down by 1/2"; be sure to select your size in the options list.

Still not exactly what you are looking for?  Drop me a note at Contact Me page, and I'll be happy to work with you for a personalized design.  Please note, except for jewelry brass and bright aluminum are solid metals, rings of other colors are anodized aluminum.

Primary Material: Bright aluminum and jewelry brass (or anodized aluminum as color choices)

Size: 7 1/2" up to 8 1/2" long, 5/8" wide, 3/8" thick, under 1 oz in weight

Interested in learning how to make your own Ghenghiz Cohen chainmaille bracelets?  Check out the tutorial in the Downloadables sectionMake a bracelet, a necklace, perhaps a fancy belt for that sun dress waiting to be accessorized!! :-)

Want a DIY kit to make a Ghenghiz Cohen bracelet yourself?  Visit this kit listing:

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