Ghenghiz Cohen Chainmaille Bracelet

in: Bracelets

Ghenghiz Cohen bracelet is rhythm and fluidity in motion from the perfect pairing of big and small rings, interlocking one another, forming concentric links that are soothing to the touch, hypnotizing to the eyes. This mesmerizing pattern is further defined by thick gauge rings in metals of contrasting colors, such as jewelry brass and bright aluminum, paying homage to the classic silver and gold tones.  Other color choices for the small/center rings are available as shown in the last photo. Photo #4 shows a sample of silver and turquoise as color options from a previous custom order, a fantastic combination!  If no specific color is selected for the small center rings, the default option will be jewelry brass.  Please note, except for jewelry brass and copper are solid metals, other color options for the small/center rings are anodized aluminum.

Primary Material: Bright aluminum and jewelry brass (or copper, anodized aluminum as color choices)

Size: 8" long, 5/8" wide, 3/8" thick, under 1 oz in weight