Twin Genie Bottles Lariat and Earrings Set in Anodized Niobium and Bright Aluminum

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Double the fun with this whimsical set of Twin Genie Bottle lariat and earrings!  Tugged by two colorful chainmaille genie bottles, this lovely lariat style necklace features a smooth 28-inch stainless steel chain connecting two nearly identical genie bottle charms that are woven with alternating rainbow anodized niobium and bright aluminum rings, and dotted with shiny Swarovski crystals.  Each genie bottles measures about 2 1/2 inches, taking the lariat to a full length of 32 inches end to end. Wear the lariat with a simple overhand knot, or thread a loop of the chain through the larger ring and pull the loop over head, or any other way you like, the choices are yours!  Adjust the lariat length as you wish to fit different neck lines, this beautiful twin genie bottle necklace would be your new favorite go-to accessory.
Complementing the unique lariat are the equally playful Genie Bottle Earrings in coordinating colors and size.  Perfectly comfortable with the slender lariat, or by themselves, the elegant, colorful Genie Bottles earrings dress up any outfit with ease and grace.  Measuring at 2 1/4 inches long, a tad over 1/2 inch wide, each earring weights only 0.1 oz, that's about the same weight as a U.S. penny!
All materials used for this set are stable in our natural environment, no tarnish to worry.  The earrings are fitted on surgical steel French ear wires, easy peasy for everyday wear.  Not familiar with niobium?  Learn more about it on my blog "About Niobium."

Please note: This is a reserved listing for Liz A.
If you would like to purchase a set of these as well, please drop me a note with your preferences, and I will be happy to create a new set/lariat/earrings for you.

Materials: Niobium, bright aluminum, stainless steel, Swarovski crystals, surgical steel ear wires
Lariat Necklace Size: 32" long total length for the lariat; each genie bottle, including the fringes, is 2 1/2" long, 5/8" wide at the "genie chamber"
Earrings Size: 2 1/4" total length, 1/2" wide at the "genie chamber"