Helios Sunburst Medallion Pendant with Jewel Color Swarovski Crystals in Chainmaille Bezel



The elegant Helios Sunburst Medallion Pendants combine the classic form of regal ornaments, with modern days' brilliance from Swarovski's faceted stones, adding a vintage accent to any outfit as a stunning eye catcher!

  • The center focus is a large 18mm Swarovski rivoli stone, surrounded by a ruffly rim of shiny Swarovski crystal beads.
  • Just the right size, and plenty of boldness, each Helios Sunburst Medallion pendant makes a statement at over 1 1/2 inches across, about 1/2 inch thick at the center.
  • The pendant bail consists of 3 metal rings, accepting your own neck chain up to 4mm in thickness; or choose one from the chains offered in the options box.
  • Two color schemes of deep jewel tones are available: Sapphire blue and Volcano red/purple.  More colors can be made upon special request.

Materials: Jewelry brass, bronze, bright aluminum, genuine Swarovski crystal

Size: 1 1/2" in diameter, 1/2" thick at center

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