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Beaded Christmas Tree Cellini Style

Peace on Earth

Eight years ago, when I was still fresh bitten by the chainmaille bugs, I made a chainmaille tree in six tiers of various sizes of chainmaille Whirlybird units, stacked together and topped with a hummingbird bead, a favorite of mine. A wish was made: Peace on Earth. From there on, each year I made a point to create a trinket, or keepsake, to continue my own tradition.

Blue Flower 3D 5-Wing Ring and All Its Lovely Siblings

It is a great day today!  Why?  Because my first 3D 5-wing ring is done!  3D, 5-wing, what is that?  It's eye candy not only beautiful to behold, but pure joy in its creation!


Single frame photos don't quite show off all its wonky angles, undulations; how about a GIF...  Interestingly, this is not a static piece of beadwork; those ruffles can fold up and downward, giving the ring even more shapes and presentations.  Oh how I love jewels that flex!!

A little back story: