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Helios Sunburst Medallion Pendant Informational

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This is an "informational" blog post describing how I build a Helios Sunburst medallion pendant; this is an original design of ©DaisyKreates from June, 2017.

As a reader this blog post, you are welcome to make, gift, and/or sell your own handmade work in the same or modified specifications; proper credits are appreciated.  However, the content of this post and information contained within remain copyrighted material of the author.  Please do not reproduce any part of this post in any form without prior written consent from the author.

Ruby Red Sangria Y Necklace

A solid statement necklace that also blends comfortably on any work day with business attire or casual! 

Woven with all stainless steel rings, capturing all shades of red Swarovski bicone beads, each free floating in its 4-ring chamber, making this necklace not only shimmering in the ombre sangria glow, but also flexible and smooth to the touch.

When the Sun, the Moon, and Stars All Lined up

For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by all things in the sky.  The Sun, the Moon, and all the stars!  For their warmth and shine, and the inspirations offered up to the great poets and artists through the millenniums.