New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to all!!  Hope your 2022 has been good!

For many years now, I've wanted to better organize my supplies, which has gone thru several interactions as my supplies went from a few Ziploc bags, to many bags, to boxes, and on and on. They've mostly been make-do's; often finding what I need becomes a constant battle, to say the least.

So, in this pandemic lingering time, my new year resolution is to better organize my most used supplies.  If you wonder how hard could it be, let's see where things are now:

Inside each of those plastic boxes are bags and bags of jump rings of similar sizes and materials.  They fit my needs mostly; but there are more...

Supplies are overflowing as I develop more projects, and more projects often mean more supplies... A never ending cycle!  By the way, this is not the only supply cart either, sigh...

Years ago, I've promised myself I will focus on using up my supplies before I check out of this world; it hasn't gone that directions; not complaining though because each day is still a play day, yay!!  I just need to put things where they belong, so I can play more.  That's the goal!  Updates to come later in the year.

By the way, I also have beads and stones on the wall!  (Don't laugh...)


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