Chainmaille Flag in Moorish Rose Weave

Nothing says "Happy July 4th!" like flying a red white and blue, or in this case, finish weaving one!  This is a little project that took me quite a while to finish, and it'll be a fine addition to all my Moorish Rose treasures♥
A little background on this chainmaille flag of mine: 5 years ago today, I had the idea of making a chainmaille flag but wasn't sure how to go about doing it; there were already so many awesome maille flags out there, and most of them were way over my ability in size and complexity; so I thought making one in Moorish Rose would go fast, after all, it should be under 300 rings; in the case of this flag, it's exactly 7 x 7 x 6, so 294, not bad for a small inlay.  I did a quick sketch, mapped out where the colors will go.  All excited, I started weaving...

Funny that a lot of chainmaille weaves always start with the look a messy jumble of rings; patience is not only a virtue, it's a necessity (wink, wink!)

I would consider this stage the starting point of a Moorish Rose but not quite one yet...

It's growing slowly :-)  It'll be done in no time!  So I thought...

That was 5 years ago; see the date on my note pad?  Each year around this day, I picked it up, added a few rows/columns, something else always inevitably catches my attention (I'm easily side tracked, haha); this flag goes back to my WIP drawer... until this year; I finally finished the points on both ends, counted the final flag against the original sketch, and it's done. (pardon me for a few of the edge units; it was getting late last night, my eyes were crossing already... ;-))
Happy 4th everyone!



Wow that is stunning.

Thank you!

Thank you, Rachel!

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