About My PawPrints Design

This seemingly simple design of paw prints actually took me quite a while in the making, tracing back to my original prototype in 2012.  It had since gone through many experiments using other chainmaille weaves, but in the end, I came back to the classic Japanese weave for its clarity and manga-like innocence.  However, beneath the surface, my Paw Prints are actually constructed with a multitude of different size jump rings, in a variety of gauges and diameters, closely associated with one another to achieve the subtle flexibility of the real ones we are so fond of :-)
The multi-purpose nature of these chainmaille paw prints enables a whole lot of applications for me; and with readers' inquiries over the years about the exact ring sizes, I have collected some of the combinations which can be easily sourced (at least in the US and Canada, that is) in a ring map; hopefully it will help even more chainmaille enthusiasts create their own projects.
Visit my PawPrints Collection for the current ready-made jewelry and accessories.  Have something specific in mind but not seeing it in the collection?  Please contact me for a custom order.


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